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Ethene sachets – the quality of Polish apples is praised in Seychelles

Another transport of Polish apples, dispatched by Ewa-Bis company from Warsaw, arrived after 50 days to one of the farthest corners of the world, this time to Seychelles, in great condition.

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The excellent condition and quality of the apples delivered to Seychelles was not a coincidence, as the apples were protected during transport with ethylene-absorbing sachets produced by Pomona Company Ltd from Żyrardów.

Idared, Golden Delicious, Gala and Red Jonagold apples were protected with Ethene sachets by placing one sachet in each cardboard box containing 18 kg of fruit.

The mechanism of action of Ethene sachets consists in the absorption of ethylene secreted by the fruit, which causes its rapid overripening and rotting and, as a result, the loss of characteristics typical of a commercial commodity.

Similarly as in the case of the recent delivery of apples to Vietnam, after the transport arrived at the place, the buyer assessed the quality of the apples as excellent, and the appearance and firmness of the apples did not raise any objections also in this case.

The delivery of apples to Seychelles and a very positive opinion concerning their quality is another good step towards opening new, distant markets for Polish apples, which is of great importance for Polish fruit growers after the loss of the Russian market and the problem with selling apples that remained in cold stores.

Once again, high effectiveness of Ethene sachets has been confirmed, and their use may prevent situations, where one delivery of poor-quality fruit results in an immediate negative opinion on all Polish exports, which have been quite frequent recently.

Ethene sachets are a patented product, and Pomona Company Ltd is its only Polish producer.

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Producent innowacyjnych absorberów do świeżej żywności
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