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Pad Protect CO2

Fully safe pads with all side edges closed, characterised by MP1000, MP1700, MP2500, MP4000 absorbing capacities, used for packaging fresh meat, poultry, fish and fruit, and in particular for packaging under Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) conditions.
pad protect CO2
Replenishment of the modified atmosphere
pad protect atmosfera ochronna
An additional functionality of the absorber is the possibility to replenish the modified atmosphere in the packaging by the emission of carbon dioxide. It inhibits the growth of microorganisms, extends the shelf life by 3 days, guarantees good appearance, taste and smell of the product throughout the entire storage period.
It facilitates international transport
transport międzynarodowy
In export, it enables extending the time of transport to a foreign recipient and reducing costs by eliminating returns of goods unsold as a result of the too short shelf life.
It ensures the highest quality and freshness of fish throughout the entire supply chain.
Available sizes
90x130 mm
Absorbing capacity
MP1000, MP1700, MP2500, MP4000
Available colours
white, black
Intended use
ryby icondrób iconmieso icon
owoce iconMAP icon
All our products are manufactured in accordance with the applicable European regulations regarding materials for direct contact with food.

We provide a high standard of biological purity (production is performed under HACCP conditions).
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Manufacturer of innovative absorbers for fresh food
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