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PADECO® - compostable eco-friendly absorber

PADECO® is the latest project of POMONA COMPANY Ltd. sp.z o.o. It is a product closely related to the future of our planet, which meets the expectations of both conscious consumers and packaging producers.
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pad eco
pad eco
PADECO® is an innovative and unique on a European scale, compostable, eco-friendly absorber used in the packaging of fresh food such as meat, poultry, fish and fruit.
pac eco
PADECO® provides the full functionality of absorbing plasma from fresh food products, and after use it will be fully decomposed during the composting process, restoring organic substrate for plants to nature.
Zero-Waste philosophy
The PADECO® absorber is made of 100% renewable materials [natural cellulose]. It does not contain plastics or chemical additives, which makes it fully compostable and truly ecological.
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Producent innowacyjnych absorberów do świeżej żywności
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