Pad Protect Security

Pad Protect Security

A solution innovative in the global scale, providing for the protection of fresh products by retaining natural leachate (e.g. plasma of fresh meat or fish) and for the protection of the whole product thanks to the application of the anti-theft label in the absorber (covered by a world patent).

Our solution provides an effective method for hiding the anti-theft label in the packaging, in a way preventing its unauthorized deactivation without opening the packaging. The whole solution eliminates the problem of integration of anti-theft labels with the packaging labels, thus reducing costs of protection of fresh products at source.

Pad Protect Security is produced and dedicated to three anti-theft systems: acoustic-magnetic, electromagnetic and radio. Pads Protect pads are fully-safe pads useful for packaging fresh meat to PET/PE, PP/PE, and other containers, they are characterized by double functionality, high effectiveness of anti-theft systems and high absorbent capacity providing for replacement of the traditional pads used so far.

We manufacture Pad Protect and we dedicate it for three anti-theft systems:

  • AM – Acoustic and magnetic system
  • EM – Electromagnetic system
  • RF – Radio frequency system

Available in the following colours

  • white
  • black

Available in the following formats:

  • 90 x 130 mm





We guarantee high biological cleanliness standard (the production takes place in HACCP conditions).

The facilities are monitored and supervised 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



All production facilities are air-conditioned




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