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Opportunity for fruit growers

The innovative company Pomona Company Ltd from Żyrardów, together with the National Institute of Horticultural Research in Skierniewice, has developed a new awesome product “Ethene sachet”, which provides Polish fruit growers and exporters with a great opportunity to safely transport apples and other climacteric fruits to the farthest corners of the world.

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The mechanism of action of “Ethene sachets” consists in the absorption of ethylene secreted by the fruit, which causes its rapid overripening and rotting and, as a result, the loss of characteristics typical of a commercial commodity.

Many months of laboratory tests carried out at the Department of Fruit and Vegetable Storage and Processing of the National Institute of Horticultural Research, have confirmed the extraordinary efficiency of ethylene absorption by “Ethene Sachets” for up to 120 days, which allows the fruit to be protected during sea transport to Asian markets, which after the loss of the Russian market are becoming more and more significant recipient of Polish apples.

Pomona Company Ltd has patented its product and is its only Polish manufacturer.

Opportunity for fruit growers
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Producent innowacyjnych absorberów do świeżej żywności
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