Mega CO2 absorbent pads


a breakthrough in the fresh meat, poultry and cured meats packing technology
in modified atmosphere packaging (MAP)

A new generation of absorbent pads (patented in the territory of Poland) – MEGA CO2 pads – apart from the function of absorbing leachate, serves the additional function of producing and maintaining a biostatic barrier inside the packaging, in the form of carbon dioxide (CO2), preventing development of harmful microorganisms causing premature product spoilage.

Fully-ecological pads, made of natural cellulose, are useful for such applications as packing fresh meat, poultry and fish in containers in protection atmosphere (MAP), and they are characterized by strong bacteriostatic action.

The process of production and supplementation of the biostatic barrier takes place in a continuous manner throughout the period of product storage. The application of MEGACO2 pads extends the best before date by 3 days, which helps to optimize the process of transport, storage, sale.

Laminated on one and both sides, available in the following colours: 

  • white,
  • black,
  • yellow,
  • brown,
  • red.

Available in the following dimensions:

  • 80 x 120 mm
  • 120 x 160 mm

fot. jacek szycht





We guarantee high biological cleanliness standard (the production takes place in HACCP conditions).

The facilities are monitored and supervised 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



All production facilities are air-conditioned



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